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Olga's paintings have an Impressionistic focus on the transient play of light, shadow, color and reflections, and an Expressionistic intent to heighten the senses and emotions of the viewer through the employment of a lavish color palette, thick brush stokes and layers of detail. She aims to recapture the essence of a fleeting moment of beauty.  Olga describes her unique impressionistic style as "Magic Realism." As she finds the "hidden" colors in a scene and highlights the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us. She is inspiring lovers of nature and art everywhere with her joyful interpretations of the world around us and she is adding a big splash of color to the contemporary art world.

Sometimes Olga's original paintings sell before the paint is even dry! But don't worry, you can buy a gorgeous giclee print. Produced on the finest archival acid free watercolor paper, these prints will last 100 years if stored correctly! A variety of sizes are available to fit every budget.

  • Wild Iris Oregon Sunset.  11

    Inspired by the magic of nature

    Discover the colorful art of Olga V. Walmisley-Santiago and be uplifted and inspired. Her passion for the beauty of nature is evident in her work as she transforms familiar scenes through her bold impressionistic interpretation. Using thick brush strokes, lavish detail and bold color, she reveals the unseen. The "hidden colors" of nature and the emotions that fill space and time. Our familiar world is reimagined to capture the magical essence of the moment.  This is modern Magic Realism.

  • About the Artist

    Olga V. Walmisley-Santiago, a British artist based in Independence, Oregon, is known for her vibrant acrylic and watercolor landscape and still life paintings filled with color, movement and detail, and waterscapes that dance with reflections and light.  She celebrates the beauty of nature and brings out the “hidden colors” in the depths of a river, the sparkle of a waterfall, or the edge of a leaf.  Her impressionistic paintings create a world of “magic realism” with dream-like colors and uplifting tones.   Olga was born and raised in London, England, and has strong ties to Spain and Mexico. Having lived in London,  Spain, Ohio, and Kentucky before moving to Oregon. These layers of culture and experience lend her a unique artistic perspective, and a sense of life as a constant exploration and adventure.  As she continues on her exploration of Oregon and beyond, she constantly takes photos, to later recapture some of the essence of a fleeting moment of beauty in a special place. 

    She highlights the magic of natural beauty with colorful paintings of mountains, rivers, flowers, fields, waterfalls and coastal scenes, and the creatures and plants that live there. 

  • The Peter Iredale Sleeps


    16 x 20 in.

    Acrylic on canvas.

    Gold frame

    Comissioned painting.

    The Peter Iredale was four-masted British-owned steel ship that ran ashore on October 25, 1906, on the Oregon coast while en route from Mexico to Portland to pick up a cargo of wheat. She was abandoned on Clatsop Spit near Fort Stevens in Warrenton.

    Here she sleeps under the Milky Way at moonfall.

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  • Reviews

    Field of Happiness:


    "It brought tears to my eyes!"

    "The colors are SO bright!"

    Lavender Fields:

    "This reminds me of  Monet!"

  • Latest News

    I'm happy to announce that my original artwork and art products are now for sale at the Ernie and Gray Art Gallery, 329 State St, in downtown Salem, Oregon. (https://www.ernieandgray.com/)

    And check out my adorable vintage tin palettes-show your love of Nature-recycle, reuse, repurpose with one of these classy tin palettes! The magnets are recycled as well!

    ANNND-The Peacock Festival is coming in May-more informationa about that coming shortly!

  • Mount Hood watches over Trillium Lake, 16x20 acrylic on canvas. Winner of People's Choice Award!!

    Mount Hood watches over Trillium Lake won the People's Choice Award at the Keizer Art Association December show. The original is available now, and also giclee prints.

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