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Yellow Meadow, Ankeny NWR |Acrylic on canvas by Olga V. Walmisley-Santiago

Yellow Meadow, Ankeny NWR |Acrylic on canvas by Olga V. Walmisley-Santiago

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Yellow Meadow, Ankeny NWR 9x12 acrylic painting.

This peaceful depiction of a summer morning at Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge will put you in the mood for a long walk in the countryside.

This impressionistic painting is filled with thick brush strokes and lavish color, and the familiar scene is transformed to capture the magical essence of the moment.  Magic Realism 

Comes in a contemporary gold frame, ready to hang.

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Olga V. Walmisley-Santiago, a British artist based in Independence, Oregon, is known for her vibrant acrylic landscape and still life paintings filled with color, movement and detail, and watercolors that dance with reflections and light.  She celebrates the beauty of nature and brings out the “hidden colors” in the depths of a river, the sparkle of a waterfall, or the edge of a leaf.  Her impressionistic paintings create a world of “magic realism” with dream-like colors and uplifting tones.   Olga was born and raised in London, England,, and has strong ties to Spain and Mexico, having lived in London,  Spain, Ohio, and Kentucky before moving to Oregon.   These layers of culture and experience lend her a unique artistic perspective, and a sense of life as a constant exploration and adventure.  As she continues on her exploration of Oregon and beyond, she constantly takes photos, to later recapture some of the essence of a fleeting moment of beauty in a special place.  She highlights the magic of natural beauty with colorful paintings of mountains, rivers, flowers, fields, waterfalls and coastal scenes, and the creatures and plants that live there. 



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This image is copyright Olga V. Walmisley-Santiago 2022. All rights reserved. 


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